Each horse represents a year in the journey of the MSU Texas student MSU Provost 2019

Story Dr. James Johnston
2 min read

This is a reverent place, a reflective place. These Mustangs represent your journey through your
education. Visit here often as you pursue your dreams and your degree. Let what they represent remind you of this opportunity and your commitment to seeing it through. This is their story.

The freshman horse stands at the water’s edge. He is tentative, unsure. For some, he represents the first to go. For others he represents a proud college going legacy. He has fears and doubts about whether or not he belongs here and can do this, yet he is here. The freshman horse musters the courage and takes that first step. Throughout your freshman year, visit here to be reassured when you are challenged and to celebrate your successes. Be reminded of the courage you found on this day.
The sophomore horse is moving a little faster, still navigating the process and finding his way, but
made it through the first year. He is gaining confidence and building a foundation but there are decisions to be made. What will be his passion, his life’s work? Some will explore, some come with answers. Frequent this place in your sophomore year to reflect on your options and your decisions. Be reminded of your success to this point and the foundation you’ve built.
The junior horse is at a full gallop. She is at the halfway point of this journey and she has found her
passion. Her head is high, eyes fixed on her goals. The work is hard but she leans into it, confident in her decision and direction. Visit here in your junior year to reflect on how far you’ve come. When the challenges are great, be reassured of your decision. Fix your eyes on your path.
The senior horse, proud, confident, and now inspiring others to follow. All that is left is to hone the
knowledge and skills she has acquired. She reflects on her time here remembering the courage she found, the confidence she gained, and all the experiences along the way. She readily assumes the responsibilities of leadership. The Mustangs journey began with a tentative first step and now ends with a bold leap toward the future. Return here throughout your senior year and as an alumnus. Grow in strength and confidence. Remember your time here and be assured that you are forever a part of this Mustang family.